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"You always amaze me with your talent!!! So awesome!"
- Julie J.

"Personally, I can't speak to Louie's work, however I can definitely speak to his honesty. Louie found a jewelry box hidden in a ceiling in a house we moved out of seven years ago. My wife likes to hide things in places where no one will ever find them, including herself, and once we moved, she thought she'd never see these jewelry items again. Stuff from her childhood, her late family members; some valuable, some more sentimental. Louie came across them recently and found my wife on Facebook and reached out to her to get her old stuff. Incredible. What a good person. I would definitely use him for home improvements and general contractor work; you should do. How often do you find a semi-honest contractor, let alone a guy that will go the extra several miles." 
- Benjamin K.